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cover Garden Ideas & FAQs
cover Landscaping Tips & Problem Solvers

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by Chase Landre,
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Articles, pix and tips - all culled from the first years of our monthly newsletter - The Grow-zine!

If you're new to the Grow-zines, catch up on what you've missed!

We don't archive the Grow-zines, but now you can read all the best stuff from past issues...a compilation you won't find anywhere else!

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cover Garden Ideas & FAQs


Garden Ideas & FAQs

GARDEN IDEAS - Inspirations for your landscape, for starting new gardens or refurbishing existing beds.

FAQs - Questions from visitors to, answered in the Grow-zines.

Garden Ideas

  • Create an Edible Landscape
  • Attract Hummingbirds to your Garden
  • Add Tropical Privacy to your Landscape
  • Tuck some Florida Wildflowers into your Garden
  • ...and MORE!
papayas on tree


  • How to Propagate Plants
  • Can I Cut Back my Areca Palms?
  • Watering with Reclaimed Water
  • How Fast will a Moderate Grower Grow?
  • ...and MORE!
red flowers of baby sun rose

I read through your new book twice and let me just say that it is a fantastic, jam-packed guide filled with great information, helpful tips and artistic ideas…bravo, Chase! -- Jessica B.

"Great content, easy to read, answers important questions, helpful insights." --Jim P. (professional landscaper)

"Lots of helpful facts and exciting ideas! I would've spent hours and hours online to find out all this information - and then wonder if it's reliable! I feel I can trust what I learn from you." --Jeff S.

cover Landscaping Tips & Problem Solvers


Landscaping Tips &
Problem Solvers

LANDSCAPING TIPS - Design techniques & ideas from past Grow-zines.

PROBLEM SOLVERS - Ways to make your plants prettier & healthier and solutions to make you happier with your landscaping.

Landscaping Tips

  • Designing with Crotons - Do's & Don'ts
  • Landscaping with House Color - what colors should you use to landscape?
  • Add "Plant Architecture" to your Garden Beds
  • Design for a View from Indoors
  • ...and MORE!

orange, yellow and green leaves of 'Petra' croton

Problem Solvers

  • What to do when one palm trunk dies?
  • After a bad storm - what to do to save your plants
  • How to camouflage leggy plants
  • Plants can add safety to your home
  • ...and MORE!

triple pygmy date palm

"I want to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your ebook.  Learning which colors would compliment the paint on the exterior of the house was an immense help. This book was very informative. Thank you so much for such a valuable tool for those of us in Florida!" --Lori D. 

"Great book...packed with a wealth of information...short, concise, easy to read & absorb. This book will help make your yard look like it has been professionally landscaped...a must have in your garden library." --Jeanne W. (professional landscaper)

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cover What's That Plant

"What's That Plant?"

A unique collection of unusual, rare or uncommon plants highlighted over the years in the Grow-zines!

These plants are not covered  on - but you can learn about them here!

It's a mini South-Florida-Plant-Guide of lesser known plants and forgotten favorites!

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Are you...

...always on the lookout for something to add sparkle and beauty to your landscape?


...want to ID a plant that's caught your eye - but you don't know what it is?

Your answers may be right here!

"What's That Plant?" covers unusual & uncommon South Florida plants - PLUS - plant groups and families with varieties you may not know.

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cover What's That Plant


Palms - Trees - Flowers - Foliage Plants

"What's That Plant is full of useful information & beautiful photos on all kinds of unique plants." --Helen S.

"A gem of a book! I like that you mention where I might find each plant if I want one for my garden." --Mary H.

Get all 3 books!


In "What's That Plant?" you can...

Learn about some of South Florida's most fascinating plants - and how to grow them!

From a plant called "Tropical Hydrangea"...

...or one known as "Bellyache Bush"... a shrub with luscious flowers that smell like Juicy Fruit...

...or blossoms that look like little blue butterflies!