Do you dream of a low-maintenance landscape?

Imagine cutting down on gardening chores - like mowing, weeding, trimming!

Wouldn't you love to plant it
and (for the most part) forget it?

Here's how - my ebook!

Lazy Gardener's Guide to South Florida

by Chase Landre
author of

cover Lazy Gardener's Guide

***The ultimate guide to low-maintenance plants and landscaping!***

Are you...?

  • Busy with job, kids, life in general?
  • Or retired and just want to relax?
  • Or an “armchair gardener” at heart?

Here's a guide to having it all - beautiful landscaping with very little work!

South Florida is subtropical - so our plants grow year round

tranquil setting with bench under a tree

There's a constant need to do garden chores because basically we have 12 months of growing season - that’s a whole lot different from other areas of the U.S. where gardening takes up just one season a year.

In those areas, homeowners look forward to gardening and working in the yard - it’s a shorter term commitment.

Even if you love working outdoors on your lawn and gardens...

...this ebook can help you cut down on chores you don’t enjoy  - and leave more time for the ones you do.

Up north, things are different...

I was an avid gardener living in the northeast, and my favorite reading material - especially in winter - was plant and seed catalogs.

It was fun to dream and imagine a summer garden full of flowers and beautiful things.

In spring we northerners were motivated, excited, and raring to go, preparing and planting and doing all things garden.

In summer we relished being in the garden, enjoying the fruits of our labors and taking care of things. Even mowing the lawn wasn’t too bad.

In fall we briefly wrapped things up and then took a loooong break - wintertime.

But in South Florida - there ARE no breaks!

Here in South Florida garden and yard work can become just

A year-round part-time job. an ongoing labor, no rest for the weary.

For some - it’s a labor of love. For others, it is (or can become) a bunch of tiresome tasks.

Yes we appreciate the final product, but it can wear us down with the unending chores.

That’s why I’ve written this ebook...

cover Lazy Gardener's Guide

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It all started with...

...a question from Deanna, a visitor to the website!

"I have just been diagnosed with a degenerative back condition.

"I'd like to re-landscape my property with very low maintenance plants so as my back gets worse I won't have to worry about the plants.

"Can you suggest plants I should use?"

It tugged at my heart.

What could I recommend for someone with this problem?

I did something I almost never do. I called her. We talked at length, she sent photos and together we came up with some great ideas.

Then it hit me...

...why not write a book on the lowest maintenance landscaping possible?

Not only would it benefit people like Deanna, it would also help those of us who are too busy, too unmotivated, or just plain growing too old to deal with a lot of garden chores.

What's in the book?

  • The very best plants for next-to-no-maintenance - trees, palms, hedge shrubs, foundation plants and more! Things that need little or no trimming, ones that aren't attractive to pests.
  • Types of plants to avoid
  • The absolute minimum to-do list - and when and how often to do the basics that must be done, with ideas on how to cut down even on these chores.
  • What to do about...the lawn, mulch, and weeds to make life easier.
  • How to get more wow factor for easy care color - without defeating the purpose of a low-maintenance yard.

Color photos - easy-care plants - landscaping ideas!

Start taking it easy today!

Special introductory price!
Now only

Order now!


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I really like this book! It's very informative and the pictures are beautiful. I learned a lot, especially about the pros and cons of different types of mulch - very enlightening!

---Jan K.

Ever wish you could just hang out and enjoy your yard...

...instead of working on it every minute of your free time?


Lazy Gardener's Guide
to South Florida!


This is the perfect book for people (like me!) who want a pretty yard but don't want to have to work for it!

---Andrea S.

Do you suffer from "Garden Guilt?"

Feeling guilty because of all the outdoor chores waiting for your attention...

...and you don't feel like doing any of them?


Lazy Gardener's Guide
to South Florida!


Great book - well-written and easy to understand! Glad to know which palms are self-cleaning. Lots of great ideas for my yard!


Would you like to "downsize" your yardwork?

...And yet still have a great-looking landscape?


Lazy Gardener's Guide
to South Florida!


Easy reading and very helpful...a ton of information for the price!

---Lisa V.

Wonderful book for low maintenance! Just what I've been looking for...plants that take very little care and ideas to cut down on yard work.

---John D.

The book is fantastic: clear, concise, to the point, and very easy to follow.

The list of things not to plant makes perfect sense, even though it's advice the reader might be reluctant to follow. What's nice is that you can clearly see the downside for each item. It makes you stop and think.


What's really great about this book is the pictures! They really help me visualize a garden I can create with the low care and easy to maintain plants depicted.

--Gina M.

This is the book I've been waiting for!

Trying to piece together a game plan for a low-maintenance yard from the information available on the internet is almost impossible, even after having spent hours on line.

Now here it is, all in one place!

---Mike N.