Snowbird Gardening -
The Ebook

by Chase Landre, author of

The same unique printed book written for South Florida Snowbirds... in ebook form!

If you live anywhere in Florida south of Tampa to Melbourne for part of the year, Congratulations!

You're a South Florida Snowbird, and this book's for you!

Here are real answers to the unique challenges of gardening for South Florida Snowbirds!

This is the only book on the market about gardening for South Florida Snowbirds!

cover Snowbird Gardening

Great book... well written and great photography! You can be proud of your work. L.D.

Learn about...

  • South Florida's easiest-to-grow palms, trees and flowers - full color photos and complete care guide!
  • How to grow your favorite citrus
  • How to maintain a healthy lawn
  • How to make your Florida landscape low maintenance AND beautiful year-round!

Answers for...

  • Questions you're afraid to ask
  • Common mistakes
  • Myths and truths
  • 10 keys to success

Snowbird Gardening - the book that started it all...

After being injured by an auto-immune disease, I lost full use of my hands. As a result, I had to find a job that I could do more with talking than with any precision work with my hands...

...and I found the perfect one - in a plant nursery!

One problem, though.

I'd always been a gardener up North but, though I'd lived in Florida for a number of years, I didn't know diddly about South Florida plants!

The nursery staff took me under their collective wing and I learned fast - enough that these wonderful plants became a passion of mine.

As I helped customers, I noticed one thing:

Snowbirds kept asking me the same questions. Over and over. Again and again.

And then it dawned on me - Snowbirds need their own "manual" about South Florida.

That's when Snowbird Gardening was born!

The book has been a great success, and I regularly receive praise from Snowbirds for answering their questions and showing them which plants work best for ease of care, winter good looks, and hardy natures.

Then I had another brainstorm!

Why not expand the Snowbird Gardening idea and build a website for ALL of South Florida's population - Snowbirds, year-round residents who moved here from somewhere else, even native Floridians?

And then came

Save when you buy Snowbird Gardening - the ebook - now just $14.97!

The printed version - NOW SOLD OUT - was $19.95 plus sales tax and shipping - you'll save with the ebook! Same book, just in digital format.

One price - fast, easy download, get the ebook in minutes!

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Read some reviews of Snowbird Gardening

cover Snowbird Gardening

I just bought Snowbird Gardening from Mariposa Nursery and sat down and read it from cover to cover.

I was a serious gardener in Rhode Island and was completely depressed when I first started gardening here in Lakewood Ranch. The soil was so poor and the plant books did not really give the kind of advice I was looking for. Lots of trial and error.

Your book was absolutely excellent and I agree with so many of your comments.

It is an enjoyable read and a great reference book that I will keep on my desk at all times.

Also really love your personal comments about each plant, it seems like after one plants something that is a mistake, one never forgets why it did not work out, and that gets costly…well, your book will save me a lot of time and money.

(from an email)

Snowbird Gardening is my latest favorite gardening book.

As a longtime Florida resident, I didn’t initially expect this book to be so helpful, but the front cover calls it a “fact-filled easy guide to keep your landscaping alive and beautiful with only part-time care” and part time sure describes my gardening efforts.

This book not only offers 193 colored pictures, but it also has direct, funny, honest advice about plants. Besides, the pocket-sized book fits easily in my glove compartment and I’m never buying fertilizer without its handy guide.

(Reader review by year-round resident posted on website Dave’s Garden)

The above reviews refer to the printed book - but all the info is the same.

Buy & read it today!