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by Chase Landre
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Five ebooks about South Florida plants, all based on the best of my published newspaper columns about South Florida gardening.

If you like this website, you're going to love my Garden Column Collections!

The ebooks go beyond the scope of South-Florida-Plant-Guide.com, with information you can use right away in your home landscape.

You'll find lots of info not covered on South-Florida-Plant-Guide.com!

These columns were so popular among readers that many told me they created scrapbooks for them - but you don't have to! The best are gathered right here, expanded and updated!

Believe it or not...

I know just how you feel!

Some years ago I knew next to nothing about plant life here in subtropical South Florida.

Just like many of you, I was at a loss as to what to plant where, the names of each plant, and what to expect of them.

So - if you're new to South Florida - I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I'm an avid gardener originally from southeast Pennsylvania.

But when I moved to Florida in 1988, boy was I lost! Everything I knew about gardening up North I had to throw away and start over.

Over a decade ago, I was permanently injured by an auto-immune disease, which took away much of the ability to use my hands. I couldn't do most money-earning jobs which require full use of your hands.

Luckily for me, I could still talk!

I somehow managed to talk my way into a job at a retail plant nursery and garden center.

One problem, though - I didn't know much of anything about South Florida plants! So how in the world was I going to sell them?

Yes, I'd been a gardening nut when I lived in the Northeast.

But gardening in South Florida? I might as well have landed on another planet.

Learn about hundreds of plants and how to use them!

Here's a fast way to increase your knowledge of South Florida gardening. Discover plants and the best ways to use them - with landscape design advice throughout!


Throwing myself into the learning curve - with the patient help of some very knowledgeable people - I gobbled up every bit of info I could about South Florida plants.

I grew many of them in my own yard. I compared notes with more experienced folks...including horticulturists and landscapers.

I even discovered along the way that I had an innate talent for landscape design and began designing professionally.

As my confidence and knowledge grew, I wanted to share it - and I wrote and published books.

And then I created South-Florida-Plant-Guide.com.

For several years I also wrote a regular column about gardening in my local newspaper, the Bradenton Herald.

Recently I had a brainstorm.

Why not offer the columns as ebooks?

The Garden Column Collections are something I could have used when I first came to Florida.

They're an additional source of information that's not covered in the same way on South-Florida-Plant-Guide.com.

And more knowledge is a beautiful thing...

If you're hungry for knowledge NOW, these ebooks might be just the boost you need.

I've learned that new knowledge can transform something as tragic (to me anyway - as a former professional musician) as losing the use of your hands into a new life. A life growing and blossoming - just like an exotic tropical South Florida plant!

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What's in each book? Have a look!

  • The Romantic Jasmines of South Florida
  • Weeping Plants – Delicate, Wispy and Graceful
  • Plants that Work Beautifully in the Pool Cage
  • Striking Specimen Plants Highlight Landscaping
  • Tips for Choosing the Perfect Foundation Plants
  • Unusual Accent Plants Make Your Landscape Unique
  • Attract Butterflies to Your Garden
  • Fabulous Fragrance Plants for Your Landscape
  • Grow Gorgeous and Vibrant Container Plants

  • Beautiful Flowering Trees You Can Grow
  • The Best Palms for Small Yards
  • Success with Perennials that Love Summer’s Heat
  • Add the Soft Touch of Grasses to Your Garden
  • Got Shade? Plant a Fast Growing Tree to Keep Cool
  • Grow Summer Vines for Gorgeous Garden Color
  • Perfect Trees for Small Spaces
  • Great Groundcovers for South Florida Gardens
  • 10 Dwarf Plants that Make Gardening Easy
  • Border Plants Set Off Your Landscaping

  • Add Sunny Yellows to Your Garden
  • Spice Up Your Landscape with Vivid Reds
  • Pretty Plants for Purple Lovers
  • Hot Colors Make Your Garden Sizzle
  • Versatile Orange Brightens the Landscape
  • Give Your Gardens the Beauty of Blues
  • Fabulous Foliage Plants for Year-round Color
  • Plants to Put Your Garden in The Pink
  • Cool Your Landscaping with Silver and White
  • Colorful Ideas for Shade Garden Plants

  • Design a Charming Cottage Garden
  • Plant Textures Add Landscape Zing
  • Ideas for a Beautiful Theme Garden
  • 10 Common Mistakes in Home Landscape Design
  • Two-Way Garden Beds Double Your Pleasure
  • Create an Elegant All-White Garden
  • Designing Outdoor Rooms for Your Yard
  • Grow Privacy With Well-Planned Landscaping
  • Consider a Whole Yard Garden

  • Easy Plants for the Armchair Gardener
  • 10 Great Landscape Plants You May Not Know
  • Which Plants in Your Yard are Poisonous?
  • Cold Hardy Plants with a Tropical Look
  • 10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Landscape
  • Try These Plants for Problem Areas
  • Get Summer Flower Power in Your Landscape
  • Drought-Tolerant Plants for Sunny Spots
  • 10 Things You Should Know about Growing Citrus

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The Potpourri Collection


The Plant Lover's Collection


The Color Suite Collection


The Design Collection


The Gardener's Collection


The Complete Collection - All 5 Books


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"Refreshingly simple and useful!  To the point and succinct, this book is a treasure trove of valuable information without all the unnecessary fluff many other books throw in." --Sherry and Steve J. on The Plant Lover's Collection

Get info on

  • individual plants - when they bloom, how big they get, sun or shade
  • landscape design ideas
  • palms and trees for small yards
  • what colors work together
  • colorful shade plants
  • specialized knowledge on butterfly plants, fragrance plants, drought-tolerant and even poisonous plants - and more!

"This book is a whirlwind tour of south Florida landscape plants - great for us Northerners migrating to the warmer climate who are unfamiliar with warm-climate gardening.

"Its guidance on which plants work best for a variety of home landscape environments and suggestions for their care are a great help in directing us to plants that make south Florida gardening enjoyable." --Judy C. on The Potpourri Collection

Buy one or own the complete set!

"Everything about this is informational, I don't think I came across one sentence in which I didn't learn something!

"I liked it because the layout and flow makes it such an easy read. The listings of plants in each color gives lots of options.

"I think a majority of homeowners get stuck when trying to decide what colors mesh together well and at the same time choosing plants that will really stand out. This is a go-to source for choosing the right colors for your yard as well as choosing plants that will really thrive in their environments!" -- Sarah T. on The Color Suite Collection

"I've learned so much! Wish I'd had one of these books when I first moved to South Florida!" -- Lynne B. on The Gardener's Collection

"As a relative newcomer to South Florida, I'm amazed at all the different kinds of plants available - and your book is a great help. I especially liked the articles about plants for small yards. Love the pictures too! Thank you for all the 'scoop.'"  -- Jeannie K. on The Plant Lover's Collection

"Design Collection is a must-have book! It gave me many ways to make my yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, with descriptions of the best plants for each special look.

"Many of the things here are things I never thought about before, such as plant textures.

"My favorite chapter shows which plants will achieve an elegant all-white garden."  - Donna F. on The Design Collection