Pandora Vine

Pandora jasminoides

With cottage-garden appeal, pretty pandora vine - sometimes called "Bower Vine" - blooms on and off all year.

Pandora vine blooming around a white mailbox

These are moderately fast yet manageable flowering vines that can dress up a mailbox, trellis or arbor.

The word "bower" in its other common name means a pleasant shady retreat, something this vine can create easily yet not get out of control.

Flowers are soft pink with deep rose-colored centers, and the finely-textured foliage is made up of glossy small leaves.

The heaviest bloom is in summer though pandora flowers most of the year. The blossoms have a light sweet scent, so plant it where you can enjoy the fragrance.

This lovely vine can be used in lots of ways, even trained around a post to form a bush.

There is a showy variegated pandora, and other varieties with white flowers.

Plant specs & spacing

Soft pink flowers

Pandoras are cold hardy, growing well anywhere in South Florida's Zone 10 and Zone 9B, but they like an area protected from strong winds.

They do best and flower most in sunny areas...though a bit of afternoon shade can be beneficial.

This vine is a fairly fast-growing twiner so give it something to curl around.

To fill in along a fence, place these vines 3 feet apart. Allow about 4 or 5 feet between the vine and the nearest large shrub or tree.

Plant care

Amend the soil by adding top soil or organic peat moss and composted cow manure to the hole when you plant.

Trim wayward shoots as needed, and cut the vine back in spring - middle of March.

Don't prune too heavily, however. It's best to leave some length to the stems coming off the main trunk.

Fertilize twice a year - in spring and autumn - with a quality granular fertilizer. You can supplement feedings with bone meal and/or liquid fertilizer to promote heavier bloom.

A.K.A. (also known as): Bower Vine, Bower Plant


LANDSCAPE USES: trellis, arbor, pergola, lamppost, mailbox post, fence, porch or deck railing, wall lattice

Other vines you might like: Mandevilla, Coral Honeysuckle

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