Large Shrubs

Large shrubs of over 6 feet are a versatile group of plants with many different looks - a tropical accent, a beautiful flowering plant, or dense green foliage for privacy.

large purple bougainvillea beside a house

Best used in more expansive areas or with larger or taller homes, South Florida's bigger plants have many different looks and uses.

They can be used individually as the star of the show or grouped as full, lush shrubs for hedges.

Some of the tall shrubs in this section are also available in tree form, and they're covered in the Plant Pages within the Small Flowering Trees and Accent Trees sections.

The Plant Pages will link each shrub to its tree-form page so you can see both possibilities.

Landscape uses for larger shrubs

  • tall hedge plants
  • backdrop for medium-height shrubs
  • large accent plant in the garden
  • blocking a neighboring spotlight or street light
  • to create privacy from second story neighbors
  • grouped as a windbreak or noise reduction planting
  • to fill in a large garden space or a corner of the yard
  • in a row along the back property line
  • between tall palms or pine trees
  • as privacy for a patio "enclosure"
  • as a focal point in the center of a circular drive
  • single specimen plant in the yard
  • to draw attention to an architectural element of the house
  • lined up to create a visual pathway to a focal point
  • on each side of the entrance to the driveway
Sea grape hedge

These plants can get very big, such as the sea grape pictured above. Many in this section grow wide as well as tall, and as hedge shrubs may go well beyond a comfortable trimming height.

A yearly hard pruning can keep things under control. See the Plant Trimming page in the Gardening How-To section for pruning and trimming info.

And each of the individual Plant Pages will give you trimming specifics and suggestions.

Just be prepared for the ultimate mature size of the plant you choose, and pick a spot for it that allows enough space for growth.

Large shrubs in this section include:

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