Dwarf Ixora and Maui Ixora

Ixora chinensis and Ixora maui

Dwarf ixora and maui ixora, the smaller varieties of this lushly flowering shrub, have taken South Florida by storm. Gorgeous flowers most of the year, easy care, compact size - what's not to like?

You see them everywhere...and for good reason.

These plants are dependable bloomers, love the sun, and fit nicely into any size landscape.

Often planted in groups or rows for maximum color, ixoras work well with informal gardens, tropical beds, or more formal and manicured landscape designs.

Clustered blooms that attract butterflies come in a variety of colors, with the texture and shape of a fat, coconut-covered cookie.

Dwarf ixora 'Red Maui' flowers

These plants bloom heavily during warm months, and then off and on through cooler weather.

Small plants covered with red blooms lining a porch

The dwarf variety has small leaves like box-wood and blossoms cover almost the entire plant.

Maui has larger leaves, a more free-form shrub shape, and is decorated with eye-catching flowers.

Plant specs

These evergreen plants need full to partial sun to produce the most flowers.

They thrive in Zone 10, though extra-cold winters can cause them to drop leaves.

The dwarf red ixora is the hardier of this smallest variety...other colors such as pink, white and orange are more cold sensitive.

Ixoras are said to be deer-resistant, though no plant is really deer-proof.

Maui's colors are red or yellow, both with an orangey tint.

This shrub is a moderate grower and can be kept about 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall.

The dwarf grows more slowly and can be kept 2 feet or less.

'Yellow Maui' flowers

Plant care

Add top soil or organic peat humus to the hole when you plant. An addition of composted cow manure to the mix is beneficial as well.

Trim to shape as needed. Avoid pruning the dwarf shrub too hard, since it will take a long time to grow out of the pruning. Maui can be cut back in spring (late March or early April) to promote fuller, bushier plants.

Fertilize in spring, summer and fall with a quality granular fertilizer. Water on a regular basis, but don't keep the area overly wet.

Dwarf pink flower

Plant spacing

Place dwarf ixoras about 2 to 2-1/2 feet apart. Maui can go 2-1/2 to 3 feet apart. Come out from the house at least 2 feet on both.

An ixora shrub will do fine in a container.

Landscape uses for maui and dwarf ixora

  • low hedge
  • accent in a mixed bed
  • under low windows
  • along a walk or drive
  • front of the border planting (dwarf)
  • surrounding a palm or tree that lets sunlight through its canopy
  • lining a deck, porch, or patio
  • around the outside of the lanai or pool cage
  • foundation planting
  • in a small bed by the entry
  • mobile home planter box (with good drainage)


COMPANION PLANT SUGGESTIONS: Variegated arboricola, croton, thryallis, plumbago, gold mound and ligustrum sinensis.

Other shrubs you might like: Full-size Ixora, Dwarf Allamanda

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