Formal Landscaping
for South Florida

Formal landscaping is created with symmetry, clean lines, and closely-clipped plants. This style features lots of lush green where textures play off each other.

Though this style incorporates less lively color, formal doesn't have to mean a plain jane landscape. You can use handsome palms that have a symmetrical shape, subtle colors, a focal point like a fountain, tree, or arbor - even a specimen plant with a softer effect.

And formal can vary by degrees - a basic neatness and balance might be the elegant touch your landscape needs.

Try these collections of plants to use in creating your own formal landscape.

Collection #1

1. Ligustrum standard - small tree, accent

2. Bottle palm

3. Dwarf yaupon holly - foundation, border

4. Pentas - border, accent

5. Southern red cedar tree

6. Orange bird of paradise - accent

7. Podocarpus - hedge

8. Liriope - border, foundation

9. Burgundy loropetalum - accent

10. Confederate jasmine - vine

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