Tropical Landscaping
for South Florida

Tropical landscaping is a relaxed style with exotic plants that make you feel like you're on vacation - in a lush rainforest or by a sun-drenched beach.

Plants with a "jungle look" can create an extraordinary home landscape...with leaves of unusual shapes and colors and a sprinkling of bright flowers.

The collections of plants featured here can be customized to fit your style and your space by adding, subtracting, or substituting plants.

Collections #1 and #2 are for sun, and Collections #3 and #4 are for part sun to part shade.

Collection #1

1. White bird of paradise - accent, privacy, specimen

2. Queen Emma crinum lily - accent, specimen

3. Angel's trumpet - accent

4. Croton - foundation, accent

5. Coontie - foundation

6. Selloum philodendron - accent

7. Foxtail fern - border, foundation

8. Hibiscus - hedge, accent

9. Adonidia palm

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