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September 2021


Things to do in the garden this month...

Add perennials to the garden such as the Pentas pictured. We're at an in-between time for annuals...too late to plant summer ones and too early for winter ones. Perennials help fill in the gaps and give us on-and-off color throughout the year and for years to come.

For more perennial ideas, see our page on Flowering Perennials.

Do a light trimming to shape any shrubs that have grown shaggy from summer heat and rain.

Stake young trees to get ready for hurricane season.

Have large trees trimmed now to remove dead wood that can cause damage in strong winds.

Run irrigation twice a week if it hasn't rained.

What is it?

That's what someone asked me.

I knew I'd seen it before - or pictures of it, anyway - but couldn't remember its name.

So I asked my oh-so-smart young botanist friend. He knew.


It's a plant for partial shade that blooms all summer - with beautiful flowers that come in lots of different colors.

It also dies back completely in winter, coming back in spring. 

Best in Zone 10 it can be grown in Zone 9 in a container you can bring in during cold weather.

These are fairly rare can sometimes find them at specialty plant sales, or get a rhizome from a friend.

There are quite a few Curcuma varieties and species - here's an article about them.

 But the real question can you ID a plant you don't know?

Of course you can take pictures or cuttings to your local nursery, email them to your county extension service office, or even send them to me. But plant identification apps can make life easier.

I've seen nursery customers use them with astonishing accuracy. If there's an app you use and find helpful, let me know so I can pass it along in a future Grow-zine!

What's new at

I added this photo of the colorful seed pods to the Plant Page on Bamboo Palm.

These are great backdrop palms for a shady garden bed...and they grow upright so you can plant other things near them in a mixed bed.

I also enlarged the photos on the European Fan Palm page, and added two new pictures to the page on Chinese Fan Palm.

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