Salt Tolerant Plants
for South Florida

If you live on the beach - or very close to it - landscaping with salt tolerant plants is a necessity.

Strong breezes carry airborne salt water droplets inland. When salt lands on the foliage of plants, water leaves their cells in a process called exosmosis.

Some plants can take salt spray - others can't.

Beach plants must also deal with windy conditions and sandy alkaline soil with little or no nutrients.

Some plants are known as salt tolerant - sometimes called "highly salt tolerant". Others are moderately salt tolerant.

Moderately salt tolerant coastal plants can be used in more sheltered areas...protected by your home, good fencing or other, more salt tolerant, plantings.

Even homes on brackish water should be landscaped with things that have some salt tolerance.

Here's a list of landscape plants that will help you choose things that can thrive by the sea. Each is a link to the Plant Page for that particular plant.



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