Beach Landscaping
for South Florida

Beach landscaping can be a challenge...salt spray and coastal breezes mean using plants that can handle this environment.

There are salt tolerant plants and there are moderately salt tolerant plants.

Obviously, people who live directly on the water should use things with a high salt tolerance...especially in cases where the water may at some point wash over the roots of a plant.

But some moderately salt tolerant plants will work for waterfront homes if salt spray is buffered by the house and/or larger salt tolerant plants.

Then there are many homes clustered in neighborhoods with the beach nearby. In these situations, moderately salt tolerant plants are generally just fine.

So placement of plants and your home's proximity to the water are of utmost importance in designing coastal landscaping.

Here are collections that are made up of a mix of both salt tolerant and moderately salt tolerant plants.

All are for full to part sun.

You can customize your design by adding or substituting other plants. (For more options, see our Salt Tolerant Plant List.)

Collection #1

1. Firecracker plant - accent

2. Coconut palm

3. Bush allamanda - hedge, accent

4. Green Island ficus - foundation

5. Sea grape - accent, hedge

6. Copper plant - accent

7. Beach sunflower - groundcover

8. Hibiscus - accent

9. Simpson's stopper - accent, hedge

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