Small Yard Landscaping
for South Florida

Small yard landscaping is a matter of proportions. It usually consists of using less plants overall, plus more diminutive palms and trees.

A well thought-out plan can create a big impact on a small scale. Here are collections of South Florida plants to do just that.

These groupings are based on a one-story house, which is more common here. But for a two-story you can simply substitute somewhat taller accents or specimen plants. 

All are for full to part sun unless noted.

Collection #1

1. Japanese fern tree

2. Hibiscus - accent

3. Snowbush - accent

4. Society garlic - border, groundcover

5. Juniper - foundation, groundcover

6. Ann Marie lantana - border, accent, groundcover

7. Indian hawthorne - foundation

8. Nora Grant ixora - accent

9. Viburnum odoratissimum - hedge

As always, you can choose plants from other collections to customize your own design. And you can add more things if you have the space.

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