Triangle Palm

Neodypsis decaryi

The unusual shape and coloring of the triangle palm makes it a boldly artistic and formal landscape accent.

Triangle palm in a formal landscape

Instead of a typical crownshaft, triangles have overlapping leaf bases that form on three distinct sides.

The leaves and stems are a unique powder blue-gray or gray-green.

This palm always catches the eye - creating an elegant focal point wherever it's placed in the landscape.

This also means it will draw attention away from other landscape elements, so it's best used alone or as pairs rather than in rows or groups.

Plant specs

The triangle is a slow to moderate grower to 20 or 25 feet.

Very drought-tolerant once established, it does fine in sun to part shade anywhere in Zone 10.

With trunk at a palm park

Plant care

Plant in a well-drained area adding top soil or organic peat to the hole before placing the palm.

Fertilize 3 times a year (spring, summer, fall) with a good-quality palm fertilizer containing micronutrients.

Trim old fronds as needed - not often necessary, since this palm grows at a slow to moderate pace.

Though this palm puts up with dry conditions, give it water to get it established and during long, dry spells.

palm in home landscape

Plant spacing

Plant 5 feet or more from the house. Because the fronds arch upward from the trunk, a triangle can be used in tighter spaces and nearer walls and walks than many other ornamental palms.

These palms work fine while young as container plants.

Landscape uses for triangle palm

  • as an entry focal point
  • anchor plant for a garden bed
  • in pairs flanking the entrance to the house or drive
  • for architectural interest along a blank wall
  • single specimen plant for the yard
  • center of a circular drive
  • container plant for pool or patio area

A.K.A. (also known as): Three Sided Palm


COMPANION PLANT SUGGESTIONS: When planting around the base of a triangle, use plants that can take drier conditions, such as coontie, crown of thorns, green island ficus, dwarf bougainvillea, and ice plant.

Other palms you might like: Pindo Palm, Sylvester Palm

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