Cottage Garden Landscaping
for South Florida

The charm of cottage garden landscaping is the carefree abandon of a wildflower meadow tamed into a well-planned design.

The look is informal - full of flowers, sweet scents, butterflies, buzzing bees and lots of color.

In South Florida, this style is very effective around an old-fashioned house, but it can also set off a sleek, modern home by softening its straight lines.

Here are plant groupings you can use to create this look for your home. All are for full to part sun unless noted.

Collection #1

1. Plumbago - accent

2. Dwarf oleander - hedge, accent

3. White fountain grass - accent

4. Hibiscus - accent, hedge

5. Snowbush - accent

6. Crape myrtle - specimen

7. Drift rose - border, foundation

8. Vinca - border, accent

9. Blueberry flax lily - foundation

You can choose plants from other collections to customize your own design.

And, like cottage gardens of old, planting annuals - and even herbs and veggies - will give your garden beds even more variety and color.

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