Drought Hardy Landscapes
for South Florida

With the high cost of utilities - and more and more water restrictions - drought hardy landscapes make sense for many South Florida homeowners.

Young plants do require regular water. However...

...once a plant is established, a drought hardy plant can be watered just during dry spells - though many prefer regular irrigation but with time to dry out between waterings.

Read the Plant Page about each one you're interested in to find out its specific requirements.

Creating a landscape design using drought tolerant shrubs, palms, trees and flowers is made easy here with our plant collections. 

Though you have many more choices in plants that like to dry out between waterings, we've used some of the most drought tolerant ones on these pages.

These groupings can be mixed and matched - and added to - to fully customize your design.

Collection #1

1. Crown of thorns- border, foundation, accent

2. Agave - specimen

3. Frangipani - specimen, accent

4. Desert rose - accent

5. Ice plant - groundcover

6. Triangle palm

7. Coontie - foundation, border

8. Muhly grass - accent

9. Simpson's stopper - hedge, accent

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