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January 2021

Things to do in the garden this month...

Add plants to your garden that bloom in cool weather...such as the stunning Chalice Vine, which flowers in fall and winter.

Shop your locally-owned nursery for winter annuals, herbs, vegetables.

Run irrigation every 7 to 10 days - if it hasn't rained.

Keep on the lookout for bugs. If you see plant damage, take cuttings bagged in plastic to your local nursery for diagnosis and treatment options.

Palms that aren't palms

Just as koalas aren't really bears, some plants known as palms aren't really palms at all. They're usually called that for their similar appearance to a palm.

Here are a few "imposters" to add a palm-like look to your landscape:

Both Cardboard and Sago are cycads (palm-like plants that grow seed cones).

Travelers is a huge stunning showstopper of a plant that will eventually grow a trunk and look more like a palm.

Madagascar Palm looks like a cactus trunk with a palm top, with white flowers in summer.

The Ponytail can grow in an infinite number of ways - and will top out at about 30'.

Many people plant a young one thinking it will stay short and cute, but Ponytails are each uniquely different (like children!) and yours may surprise you with its eventual growth pattern.

If you're good with houseplants, this makes a great one grown indoors to clean the air. Container growing will also slow the growth even more.

What's new at

I recently came across this huge Downy Jasmine at a friend's country property - so I've added its picture to the Plant Page.

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