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June 2019

Things to do in the garden this month...


Plant summer flowers! Summer annuals such as Marigolds - or perennials like Blue Daze - or both!

Shop at your locally-owned nursery for plants rather than buying from box stores. These small businesses have more knowledge and better plants, and prices are usually competitive

Blue Daze 'Blue My Mind'

Water twice a week if we haven't had any rain. Rainy season usually waters our plants throughout the summer but you can't always count on the weather.

Not sure if it rained at your house while you were at work? Install a rain gauge to make sure your plants got a drink.

Fertilizer blackout begins today. Many Florida counties have this blackout in effect...meaning you can't apply any fertilizer to your lawn or gardens from June 1st through September 31st. To check what the rules are in your area, contact your county extension office.

Look for insect damage. Take bagged cuttings to your local nursery for diagnosis and treatment options.

Plants that look their best in "drifts"

For flowering plants with small blossoms that wave above the plant on skinny stems, planting in deeper 'drifts' will give the best effect.


These three plants are excellent ones to plant this way.

Society Garlic especially with its little lavender flowers can get lost in the landscape, but grouping plants for depth gives them the attention they deserve.

Society Garlic

Rather than lining them up in a single row, place the plants in an up-and-back zigzag pattern that will fill in to give the depth needed to highlight the blooms. Two zigzag rows will work but three or more are even better.

Blue Porterweed

What is "Visual Weight" in landscape design?

The landscape design principle balance doesn't necessarily mean "matchy-matchy" symmetry, with the same plants on each side of a central point.

It actually means using things that have visual weight that equal each other overall. Visual weight draws the eye with color, size, shape and texture. It gives a pleasing, natural look to a landscape when these plants are used correctly to balance the design.

Be careful not to overdo it - it can cause visual chaos.

Here are some examples of plants with visual weight attributes;

Large size

Royal Palm

Coarse texture

Sea Grape

Bright color


Dark color

Loropetalum 'Burgundy'

Unusual shape

Weeping Bottlebrush Tree

What's new at

I recently added this pic of a white agapanthus flower to the Plant Page.

Much as I love the blue flower of this gorgeous plant,  the white really stands out.

The white variety is available but most nurseries would have to order it. This was taken at a nursery where the white was a "happy accident" of planting!

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Besides palms, what else looks "tropical?"

Big bold foliage is the essence of this look. Here are some plant ideas to add a tropical note up your landscape:

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