Landscaping for Wildife
in South Florida

Landscaping for wildlife enhances the enjoyment of our gardens. The natural relationship between our plants and the birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, honeybees and even squirrels they attract adds a serene element.

Here are three collections of plants to attract these fascinating creatures...providing shelter and food. You can add a birdbath or pond to provide fresh drinking water, as well.

You may be surprised to see palms in these collections - but mature ones produce fruit that attracts birds. All plants in these groups offer a food source and many are a shelter as well.

Feel free to add or change plants to customize your design.

Collection #1 is for part sun to part shade - the rest are for full to part sun.

Collection #1

(Part sun to part shade)

1. Dutchman's pipe vine

2. Firespike - accent

3. Wild coffee - hedge, accent

4. Simpson's stopper - accent, hedge

5. Pygmy date palm

6. Porterweed - border, accent, foundation

7. Pentas - border, accent, foundation

8. Indian hawthorne - border, foundation

9. Heliconia - accent

10. Weeping yaupon holly tree

11. Cat's whiskers - accent, foundation

12. Firebush - accent

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