Pinwheel Jasmine

Tabernaemontana divaricata

White flowers shaped like pinwheels decorate pinwheel jasmine, a charming, airy shrub that will bloom anywhere - even in partial shade.

pinwheel jasmine in a part shade bed

Jasmine plants are usually thought to be fragrance plants, but this beautiful jasmine has no fragrance.

However, its delicate look, dark green leaves and bright white blooms work well in any landscape.

White goes well with other colors in the garden and can draw attention to a focal point. And white-flowering shrubs like this one make great plants for shadier areas that have little or no color.

jasmine flowers

Plant specs

This shrub can take full sun but seems to prefer part sun to partial shade, and will bloom on and off all year no matter what kind of light it gets.

Considered moderately cold tolerant, it does best in Zone 10 and warmer areas of Zone 9B. Plant in areas sheltered from winter winds and and protect it against frost.

A moderate grower, it can grow to 5 feet - though you can easily keep it 3 feet tall. The plant branches outward, spreading 4 to 5 feet across, and will drape to the ground.

white pinwheel-shaped flowers

Plant care

Amend the soil by adding composted cow manure and top soil (or organic peat moss) to the hole when you plant.

Trim occasionally to shape - no hard pruning is necessary.

Though this shrub is considered evergreen it may thin or even defoliate in colder winters...usually bouncing back in spring.

Fertilize in spring, summer and autumn with a good granular fertilizer, adding supplemental feedings of bone meal and/or liquid fertilizer for heavier bloom.

Water regularly but give the plant time to dry out a bit between waterings.

Plant spacing

Because this shrub grows wide, you can plant 3 feet or more apart. Come out from the house 2-1/2 to 3 feet to give it room to branch out.

Pinwheels will grow in containers with the right light and moisture.

Landscape uses for pinwheel jasmine

  • corner-of-the-house accent
  • adding height and interest on a blank wall
  • as an understory planting for tall trees and palms
  • small to mid-size shrub in a mixed bed
  • accent by the entry


COMPANION PLANT SUGGESTIONS: Depending on the light, consider orange bird of paradise, dwarf tibouchina, bromeliad, cordyline and dracaena, thunbergia, variegated ginger, lady palm, azalea, agapanthus, false aralia, and dwarf oyster plant.

Other plants you might like: Crape Jasmine, Downy Jasmine

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