Cold Hardy Landscapes
for South Florida

After record low temperatures in 2009-2010, cold hardy landscapes have become very popular in South Florida.

People who live in Zone 9 do best with cold hardy plants, but even those in Zone 10 often prefer these tougher plants.

Here are five collections of cold hardy palm trees, shrubs, trees and flowers to create a beautiful landscape that can handle a normal winter's cold and still give you the exotic and tropical look of South Florida.

You may want to add or substitute other plants to customize your design. (For ideas on other plants to use, check our Cold Hardy Plant List. You may also like to read more on Cold Protection for Plants.)

All collections are for full to part sun.

Collection #1

1. Bougainvillea - accent

2. Variegated arboricola - foundation, accent

3. Piccabeen palm

4. Viburnum odoratissimum - hedge

5. Ruella - accent

6. Nandina - accent, foundation

7. Red fountain grass - accent

8. Variegated Asiatic jasmine - groundcover

9. Drift rose - foundation, border, accent

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