Cold Hardy Plants
for South Florida

Recently record-cold winters have made us more enamored of cold hardy plants. Many are beautiful and have a tropical look but can withstand the chillier temps of Zone 9B.

That's not to say that cold hardy plants won't be affected by things like frost or long episodes of below normal temperatures. Even established plants can be hurt or even killed.

Here we've divided plants into cold hardy - able to take the normal winters of Zone 9B - and moderately cold hardy - plants that will do fine in areas of Zone 9B that border Zone 10A.

Each listing on this page is a link to the Plant Page about that particular plant.

You might be surprised to see just how many wonderful cold tolerant plants there are!

For further info - see our page on Cold Protection and our Zone Map.

Small Palms

Large Palms

Small Flowering Trees

Large Flowering Trees

Small Shrubs

Medium Height Shrubs

Accents & Perennials

Cold Hardy

Alocasia (may die back in winter)
Blue Flag Iris
Blueberry Flax Lily
Caladium (dies back in winter)
Canna Lily (may die back in winter)
Crinum Lily - White
Elephant Ears (may die back in winter)

Moderately Cold Hardy

Bush Daisy
Crinum Lily - Queen Emma

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