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August 2021

Things to do in the garden this month...

White Mussaenda

Look for unusual plants to add to your garden - such as the stunning Mussaenda pictured above. This tropical shrub - which comes in several bright colors - probably won't be a stock item at most nurseries, but some places specialize in the unusual. And others can order plants for you. (Learn more about Mussaenda in my ebook What's That Plant?)

Run your irrigation two times a week if we haven't had rain. Rainy season hasn't been very consistently wet this year so don't miss this important garden chore.

Keep up with weeds before they take over your garden areas. Catch 'em while they're small if you can, so they don't go to seed.

Check your plants for pest damage. Take bagged cuttings to your local nursery for diagnosis and treatment options.

Colorful patio privacy

A web visitor wrote to ask which flowering shrubs would work along her patio to give some privacy.

She didn't specify height, but I would imagine most of us want privacy in that area of about 4 to 5 feet...not too tall to obstruct the view beyond and yet enough to give the feeling of not being "watched" by neighbors or passersby, especially while we're seated.

Some great shrubs for this purpose - assuming a sunny area - include:

With proper trimming, these plants will stay thick and bushy and not attract so many bees to scare you back indoors. Some are also butterfly attracters.

Mid-size shrubs like these give you color and enough privacy without hemming in the patio...rather than too tall shrubs that can let back door burglars do their thing with no one noticing.

What's new at

I've added a new photo of white Oleander flowers to the Oleander Plant Page.

These big shrubs are at their best this time of year and come in vibrant colors besides white.

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