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March 2021

Things to do in the garden this month...

Get ready for flowers! Consistently warm weather will soon be here and our flowering plants will reward us with colorful blossoms, like the Desert Rose pictured.

March is the start of our busy time of year. March 15th or later is the time to prune back shrubs and fertilize plants. Apply weed and feed to the lawn early in the month.

Gardenias and azaleas should be fertilized only after their spring bloom is over. Use fertilizer specially formulated for these plants.

Run irrigation once a week if it hasn't rained.

Check plants for bugs. See something that doesn't look right? Bag cuttings and take them to your local nursery for diagnosis and treatment options.

Create a Sunset Garden

Recently I looked over at a neighbor's property and thought the orange color of late day sun was shining on his hedge...until I realized the hot spots of color were coming from his Flame Vine hedge itself!

Our sunsets in South Florida are spectacular, so why not enjoy the blazing glow of these colors any time of day in our landscaping?

Start with orange...lots of it. This should be the main color.

Other oranges might include Heliconia, Geiger tree, and orange Bird of Paradise.

Then add some golden yellow...

Other yellows include yellow Maui Ixora, Thryallis, and Baby Sun Rose.

Top it off with a touch of purple...

Add a hint of deep blue...

You could mix in crotons with orange highlights to set off all the other colors in the landscape.

What's new at

I added this photo of a Thunbergia 'King's Mantle' shrub to its Plant Page.

This fast grower is nearly indestructible - and, for those of us who love purple flowers, it's a garden show-stopper.


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The Magic of Green

In many areas up North the month of March is visually still gray and brown - depressing! In sunny South Florida we are lucky to revel in green landscapes all year long.

Green has the psychological effect of a relaxed and restful feeling. It's considered a "cool" color in landscaping...but its magic goes further than that.

It's said that ancient jewelers kept an emerald on the workbench to rest their eyes since they didn't have the benefit of using today's magnification tools.

So green gives hot colors like red a background to show off...and a chance to rest our eyes between bright spots of other colors. Green acts like a combination of a cool color and a neutral to bring out the best in everything else...and give us the serene feeling of relaxation.

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What's in a name?

Ever wonder how certain plants got their names?

The color and soft texture of Dusty Miller's lacy foliage is reminiscent of powdery white dust.

A miller is a person who operates a mill, usually a grain mill to make flour, and who is usually covered in flour dust...a dusty miller.

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